Local man pursues musical dream in Nashville



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Now I know what happen to you

Derek, you told me you were going to do this when I seen you at work, (I went to pick up really big washers for a game.) Then I seen you out playing at the 8 Ball with Whiskey Bent. Thought you were great then. Next thing I knew my nephew was playing for them and you were gone. No one knew what was up with you, NOW I know!
I wish you a ton of Luck Hun! Keep in touch with everyone back home!

Nicole Chase more than 3 years ago

Glad people are enjoying Derek's drumming piece!

Thanks to everyone who checked out the piece I did on Derek Breyette. 2000 hits and counting! Gotta love local ROCK!! Cheers!!!

Josh Clement more than 3 years ago

Derek we are proud of you

good luck Derek we have alot of faith in you do your best and what ever happens we will always be proud of you stay safe and have a great time love you Aunt Sharon IUncle Cliff &Clifford

aunt Sharon longtemps more than 3 years ago

Impressive Work!!

Way to go Derek. Keep it up!!!

Melissa Monty-Provost more than 3 years ago

Derek Breyette

You go get em Derek. I'm so proud of you!

Marilyn Velie more than 3 years ago

local music does rock

Great video. Derek should go far, and this video will help get his name out there. Josh, all your productions have been great, Keep putting them out.

Rick Bomyea more than 3 years ago

Thank you George & B-Man!

I appreciate you both sharing this story. I have a special place in my heart for local musicians. There's a whole documentary in my own journey. Hmmm...interesting concept. The rock and roll continues...cheers!

Josh Clement more than 3 years ago

One More Reason the Adirondacks Rock!

Great post, Josh. Your passion for music and your deep driving optimism fuel this generous story. Keep telling the Adirondack music story with your music, your profession and your passion. And good luck to Derek Breyette in Nashville!

George Davis more than 3 years ago

Well Said .. and the best of luck

Hey Josh... Thanks for posting this for Derek. This project was a blast to do. And yes Josh and I both support local Talent thats for sure. I hope that in the future Derek gets the recognition he is looking for. He has what it takes that is for certain. This video is a testimonial to his skills and also a tribute to one of his favorite Artists. I think anyone will agree. Derek " Drum-guns " Breyette does a kit justice ! Best of luck my friend!

David Blinn more than 3 years ago

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