Cap Recap (12-13-12)

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Great blogs

Keep up the good work reading all your articles !

Susan more than 2 years ago

Welcome aboard!

Great interview - I look forward to meeting you at the Downton Abbey event!

Loretta Rietsema more than 3 years ago


Hey Gen
I'am very happy to see you on this show. I know you got what it takes for such a challenging mission.
Thanks you again, for making discovers KAZU restaurant, the real and the best Japanese cuisine experience in Montreal.

Yannick more than 3 years ago


You are a natural. I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future!

Howard Tan more than 3 years ago

You look great

I'm going to read your blog right now! Of course, you look great on the video.

Wing more than 3 years ago

great job

Great job and good interview Josh and Genevieve ! Will look forward to future tv spots and interviews.

Vincent Wong more than 3 years ago

Good work !

Hi Genevieve!!

We actually got to see you tonight on PBS...Terrific...
It's so nice to see someone you know doing so well ..
good luck..keep up the good work..

Francoise and Tony Bruyere more than 3 years ago

Beau travail !

Congratulations Genevieve ! Looking forward to reading your future articles on your blog and seeing your videos !

Veronique P. more than 3 years ago

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