October 18, 2012

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I've been following The Bacon Brothers for quite some time and have all their CD's. I've introduced their music to my friends. We now go in a group to see them when in the area. Travels 2 hrs to the Longwood Gardens show from Roselle NJ. Can't wait to the next show.

Debbie more than 2 years ago

Great concert - Alive @ 5

This was the day I won a meet and greet with Michael and Kevin. Glad I didn't know how much Kevin hates the interviews and photo ops. It was still great fun for me and they were both very nice.

Debra Marks more than 2 years ago

Kevin & Michael Bacon

Great job with Kevin and Michael Bacon! As a long time fan of The Bacon Brothers I enjoyed the variety of songs highlighted in the clips along with the up close and personal time spent with the guys. Thanks for a fun interview! Hoping everyone checks them out at and on FB!

Kathy Y more than 2 years ago

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