Part 7 - High Peaks Hospice Pastor Charlie on Special Connection to Adirondack Family



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Borderless North
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September 2, 2015


September 3, 2015


September 6, 2015


OFFICIAL PODCAST: "All Things Natural," a series of nature essays written by Ed Kanze for more than a quarter century, looks at a kitchen-sink full of natural phenomenon in an inquisitive and playful spirit.

  • LISTEN: A Moose On The Loose

    The day was nearly done. My wife was home from her job as Activities Director at an Adirondack retirement community and the kids were fed and homeworked. All that remained was time for a little fun before bedtime. more »

  • LISTEN: Crustaceans Underfoot

    Everybody’s seen them. Little trilobite looking things that scurry for cover every time you pick up an object that’s been left on the ground a few days. more »

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