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Expert are you?

Also Bobby Lee Dadds- Mumley, are you a licesned vet? i have looked at pictures and videos, "Bruce" did so neorugical signs that he was sick. Im not an expert (i have done research on this kind of stuff because i at one point did want to be a vet) but just from the way he was acting, something "wasnt right". Wild animals do not stay in one area for long periods of time and animals that are NOT sick would have done something to get away from all the people that were watching it. A healthy wild animal wouldn't just stand there and say "oh hi everyone, I'm a moose".

Confused more than 3 years ago

Did you go to college and the academy

first off every animal is different, so just because they were able to tranquilize one moose doesn't mean this one is going to go the same way. All animals weigh different amounts, so how would the DEC have known how much drugs to give to "bruce" not all moose weigh the same amount. Also please show me something that says that DEC officers have had to tranquilize an elephants? Second, have any of you gone to colllege for at least 4 years and then done 6 months of training at an academy? Im a college student and have been able to talk with encon officers. i have heard about the training they have to go through and i know from reading your comments. NONE of you would be able to do it.

Confused more than 3 years ago

So Wrong

I agree with Bobby, they could have tranquilized the moose to examine it better. "confused" says it's not exact science, and they need to estimate on how much drugs they give. This is the DEC, they should know how much drugs to give to tranquilize a moose. They could tranquilize elephants if they had to, and they have before. I believe they should have done it differently, given the moose a chance. Everyone has all these "maybes" about what might happen, thats just the easy way out to put him down. And "Do some research on the dangers of animals" maybe we should do some research on the DEC and the DEC should do some more research on there animals. They seem to be dangerous themselves. Plus no one would know if the moose had "brain worms" unless he was examined. Which he wasn't, they could have examined him to see how of health this poor moose was in.. so they never knew how bad off he was, they just guessed, they estimated that pretty well.

Jean C more than 3 years ago

Moose freedom----NOT!

I think Bruce shoulda just been left alone, maybe he would have died, maybe he would have survived, either way, he shoulda been able to die freely. Albeit, he may have been suffering, but who are we to judge that? What happens to the many other millions of suffering critters??? They go off into the woods to die, to be eaten by other animals, or to be mulch for a newly grown tree. We shoulda just let him live, or die, in peace---his own way---the way it's meant to be.

Lorena more than 3 years ago

bruce the moose

the point is the DEC had Many other choices to choose from. he was not sic he was not dieing. yes he might of has a sprain left hind leg BUT he DID NOT have brain worm. and he could have been relocated. i agree, they can move an elephant why not a moose! ?? it was bc of money, it was also bc they were lazy and didnt want to baby sit traffic any more. they only did what they thought was right not what really was right!

Bobby Lee Dadds- mumley more than 3 years ago

Poor Bruce

I think the D.E.C. has alittle bit of research to do. They handled the matter very badly in my oppion. the first thing i thought when i seen him was that he might have brain worms.

Michael Mccaffrey more than 3 years ago


I'm really confused on your comment Bobby lee Dadds- Mumley. This moose was a wild animal, right? A very large wild animal, one that could easily kill someone by knocking that person over or even just knocking into them. So please explain to me how a person could get up close to this WILD animal to give it a physical? Don't say tranquilize it, because that is not an exact science. the person needs to know how much drugs to give, the person would need a weight. only being able to esamate an animals weight, can cause to much drugs or to little drugs. which could end up killing the animal or causing the animal to wake up and kill people around it because its scared. you should do some research on the pros and cons of tranquilize any animal and also do some research on the dangers of wild animals.

Confused more than 3 years ago


This moose was doing what a "moose" would have done for his circumstance! Quit making it out like it was wasting away! You idiots always have an answer for people so it make your killing of this animal right,. The DEC themselves said it should be ok..... and then they pepper it with paintballs to "move" it..... how smart is that!? Then they decide ( because of the traffic issue) to kill it but they wont every tell you they killed it because of people stopping and causing traffic issues..... there not that dumb!

Shawn more than 3 years ago


The reality is that the DEC did a cost-benefit analysis. Sure they could have tranquilized the moose and relocated it (if an elephant can be safely tranquilized so can a moose), however, the state decided that wasn't worth the taxpayer (your) dollars or their effort. Interesting decision. Exotic wildlife=tourism=money for the local economy

Jon more than 3 years ago


Everything becomes a conspiracy? Moose travel 30-40 miles a day, not to stop and take a five day bath in a river. Obviously something was not right. Should they no longer shoot deer after they get hit by a car? Let em rot right there. Little do people know that nit wits were stopping in the middle of a state roadway. No pedestrians have ever been killed in roadways, right. Don't worry about the family that gets smushed into the rock wall while people manuever to get around. Look through a clear glass window people. Common sense is a virtue.

Spokenthewheel more than 3 years ago


i am Brenda's sister and we have watched the moose sense we heard about him. we went down and sat on the rocks and watched him each day for 4 hrs until we were told to leave. we sat there and watched him walk around a bit. he looked at us right in the eyes. he didn't seem mean or aggressive just scared a bit from the people stopping and watching him. he was also scared from the paintball shots that the DEC shot at his face! why? that is the question! then the next day we noticed he was not putting any weight on his back left leg. but he was still eating and drinking and moving around enough to get around. the DEC told us at one point he wasn't injured and will make his way out, the next day they put him down because he had 2 legs that were hurt and now something with a brain worm??? as far as i know no one went and gave it a physical!! everything the DEC did was wrong. they had choices other then him being put down. relocation would of been the best way! it is to late to protest to keep Bruce alive but its not to late for the next beautiful creature that would need help like this. we are protesting for the animals. they don't have a voice but that's why we are hear! we are also protesting the DEC on the actions they done and why they didn't do it the right way. this is my feelings! RIP BRUCE THE MOOSE! Bobby lee Dadds- Mumley

Bobby Lee Dadds- Mumley more than 3 years ago


I don't think they needed to kill him, I think it was a bother that people were stopping to see him, Why didn't they tranquilize him and relocate him.

Shari st louis more than 3 years ago

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