Josh Groban in Montreal

Bell Centre 1260 rue de la Gauchetiere Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Bell Centre 1260 rue de la Gauchetiere Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada View Map

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Josh Groban Concert in Montreal Oct 27/13

I am really excited that not only have I been able to purchase 2 Meet and Greet tickets for Josh Groban's concert but I was also able to help PBS Mountain Lake with my donation plus an extra donation. If only I would have heard of you sooner. My children were tots when Sesame Street started in 1969 in Canada and it was their favourite programme. I am disabled so I do not get around very much but thank you for giving me the opportunity not only to help you but you have also helped me. I am a member of the Josh Groban Fan Club but decided to allow others to have a chance to win a Meet & Greet with Josh. I only hope that you will give me terrific seats for myself and my daughter. I will be in a wheelchair. This will probably be my one and only concert of Josh that I will see, therefore, I want to make the best of the whole experience. My disability, I was told, will get worse and worse and it has already begun, therefore, I am super excited about this concert. Also, I do enjoy donating to a good cause and I am happy I found you! Good luck in your projects and I hope that you will help the young people with their dreams in the arts (music) field. Please keep me on your email mailing list. I hope I will hear soon further news on ticket pickup, etc. as the concert is in Montreal and I live in Italy. This means that I have to travel beforehand to Canada and will probably stay with my son, Stephen Crockett, who lives in Montreal. Again, good luck in your projects; and thank you for hopefully the best tickets you have! :). Best Regards, Julia Paulina Baldassarrini

Julia Paulina Baldassarrini more than 2 years ago


When I got to know Julia Paulina Baldassarrini only a few weeks ago I found a soulmate and friend who became very dear to me. I am so grateful she has made it possible to arrange another ticket for me- as I did not know about your organisation before. Julia prepaid for me and I can pay her back when we meet for the first time at Montreal to experience this once in a lifetime event together. She's from Italy, I am from Austria and we are both very excited about this. Thank you for allready putting me on your mailing list. Happy that there are organisations like yours who help young people on there dreams.

Denise Weber more than 2 years ago

ALERT: Off the air

A lightning strike at our tower site on Sunday evening took out a number of power supplies and amplifiers. Currrently Mountain Lake PBS is broadcasting at low power, and is still available on Charter and Videotron cable systems. Updates will be posted as more information becomes available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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