What's your Star Wars Identity?

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Thanks for sharing

Hello Chris & Mario, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Star Wars Identities exhibit. Chris, I agree, the whole experience definitely brought the kid out in me as well. Cheers and may the force be with you! -Josh (MLPBS Interactive Producer)

Josh Clement more than 2 years ago

Star Wars Identitys

Me and my brother went dressed up in our Oilers Troopers costumes at Telus world if science in Edmonton and had an absolute blast, felt like a kid again. the displays are top notch and getting to build your own character was an interesting surprise. I will be going again and strongly suggest that if you love Star Wars you should total try and go.

Chris Alliston more than 2 years ago

great exhibit for kids

My son went crazy at this exhibit. Really loved the costumes . However the text on display was geared mainly at adults.

Mario D. more than 2 years ago


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