Common Core Forum


The panelists will be chosen independently, by Mountain Lake PBS. The panel will include Education Commissioner King, a principal, a teacher, a chief school officer, and a parent, selected from different locations in order to be representative of our viewing area.

Thom Hallock will moderate the discussion.


The audience is a a combination of invitation and open to the public. Due to fire code restrictions, the audience will be limited to a total of 100 people.

Doors open at 6:45. Taping begins at 7:30.


All audience member names will be entered into a pool as they register. Names will be randomly selected during the taping, at which time that person will be invited to ask their question at the microphone.


The taping of the forum will be streaming live on our website at The public is invited to watch, ask questions and make comments on that page. During the taping, if time permits, questions and comments submitted online may be randomly selected and asked by the moderator.


The show will begin with a pre-produced segment that explains the Common Core. Moderator Thom Hallock will begin the discussion by asking the panelists a few introductory questions. The bulk of the approximately 60 minutes will be reserved for audience member questions.


Due to the limited amount of seating in the studio, community members and invited guests will be given priority for seats. If there is no additional space in the studio, Mountain Lake PBS will set up a conference room with a closed circuit monitor for any media that would like to attend. If you would like to request dubs of the taping, please let us know in advance.


In order to allow us to take as many questions as possible, audience members are asked to be brief with their questions. 

Personal questions or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Audience members are asked to refrain from clapping, booing, or any other outbursts that may be disruptive to the taping.

Audience members should plan to arrive by 7:15. Once the taping begins at 7:30, there will be no further admissions.