Qing Hua, Authentic Homemade Chinese dumplings right in the heart of Chinatown



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I went there a couple times with my gf. We both love the shrimp and coriander steamed dumplings . Very tasty

Tom more than 3 years ago

chinese food

Dumpling heaven

Vincent more than 3 years ago

good dumplings and not too expensive

I think Qing Hua downtown Chiinatown is the better of the two locations. the one near concordia can be overcrowded and sometimes the service is a little slow.

Skya Byrd more than 3 years ago

Delicious dumplings !

I think this restaurant is a wonderful spot to bring guests from out of town who would like to try some Chinese food . I especially love the durian ice shakes that they offer as well as their steamed dumplings .

Monica Roy more than 3 years ago

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