La Grande Degustation de Montreal



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is this a review for 2 of the Sortilege products?

Hi, we'd like to publish your review of the Sortilege Prestige in the Vintages magazine, however, I see you refer to it as "liqueur and cream" - do you mean - 2 of the Sortilege products, or just the Sortilege Prestige which is just a liqueur?
Sortilege also makes a Maple Cream. Please let me know. Thanks!

Serena more than 2 years ago


It's truly a gastronomic adventure for food and wine lovers!

Barbara W more than 2 years ago


I personally enjoy New Zealand wines. Although French Bordeaux is always a classic!

Michel more than 2 years ago

Wine tasting

I went to a similar wine show in Laval, learned about Bordeaux wines and Greek wines. Also tasted strawberry wine and raspberry wine, and they were produced in Quebec.

Mi Lum more than 2 years ago

Food and Wine

As the Holiday season approaches at a fast pace, it becomes necessary to stock up on much appreciated liqueurs, wines and spirits. I bought an Appleton Rum as well as some French wine.
I am sure any wine lover would have benefited from a visit to this event. The cupcake red velvet wine up above sounds delicious...I,ll check it out on my next visit to the SAQ

Monica more than 3 years ago

Grande Degustation

Great event. Tried lots of different red wines and also some of the food on offer at the back of the room . The Vernissage box wine was unique in look and pretty palatable on taste !

Melanie more than 3 years ago

Fun Event

I attended this event over the weekend. It was great to see and try all the different wines on display. I also tried the Terra coffee. It was quite tasty, especially the Montreal blend. I got myself a nice bottle of Anejo Blanco for the holiday season. Overall, I had a fun time.

Panagiotis Drakopoulos more than 3 years ago

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