1221 , Douze Vingt-et-Un : A Carnivore’s Ultimate Paradise!



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Fine Cigars Australia

There’s nothing better than sitting in a pillow billow of charming smells while burning a fine <a href="http://www.finecigars.com.au/"> cigar </a>.

Md Quamrul Hassan 33 days ago

Cigar enjoyment

The draw of a stogie is key for most extreme stogie pleasure. If the draw is too tight, not enough smoke will reach the sense of taste, in this way thwarting the level of flavor your taste buds receive. Also, the less smoke one pulls in with each puff, the less smoke one breathes out, diminishing the measure of fragrance noticed. There’s nothing better than sitting in a pillow billow of charming smells while burning a fine stogie. There are several methods to correcting a tight draw. One can back rub and squeeze the cut end of the cigar to work out some of the ‘knots’ or use a draw poker to open larger airways through the barrel's body. Some of the time, a tight draw is the result of a cigar containing an excessive amount of dampness, which causes the filler, clears out to extend and confine wind current. For this reason, it is suggested putting away stogies at a mugginess level somewhat lower than 70%.
I got this information from Fine Cigars Australia "http://www.finecigars.com.au/"

Tomous Hanks 37 days ago

Love their cigar lounge !

Really great place , I visited last summer with a colleague from out of town . The cigar bar is unique

Mario D. more than 3 years ago

good food and atmosphere for special evening

I went there a while ago with some friends. I remember the service was very good and the meat was well cooked ( medium) . The cheese cake was delicious but so hard to finish for just one person,. Very rich !! Still I would go back again for a special occasion with my husband or maybe for an anniversary

Sylvie more than 3 years ago

Sounds delicious !

Would love to go there one day and try their filet mignon !

Skya Byrd more than 3 years ago

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