Christmas Fruitcakes - A tradition not to be missed!



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Fruit cake

Dear Gen,
Growing up, I never liked fruit cake mostly because the only fruit cake that I knew of till much later in life was the lions club fruit cake, which was; let's face it, vile beyond most people's capisity to understand the word: vile. To this day I still suffer an aversion to the stuff that has been built up through years of negative reinforcement. One day Toblerone ate three lions club fruit cakes getting past the cardboard sleeves, the hinged tins and the selofane and cellulite rapping. He seemed to really like them but since then in my family we don't torture ourselves or our current canine companions with the stuff. I personally hope that this story gives you a bit of a laugh. Cheers, Zach

Zach more than 2 years ago

Looks delicious

These fruitcakes really look delicious !

Howard Tan more than 2 years ago

the perfect dessert

This is so awesome..I can't believe there are all these different fruitcakes with various flavours enough to satisfy various types of taste buds...I certainly must try the Maple flavored cake...Thanks Gevevieve for this new dessert discovery....

Bobby D more than 2 years ago

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