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Amazing Duo | Eric Gibson Extended Roundtable The Gibson Brothers take the stage in Minnesota for a performance heard across the nation on Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” radio program. They will also perform on Bluegrass Underground next week on Mountain Lake PBS.

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Landmark Undergoes Major Restoration Derek Muirden shows us how historic Bluff Point Lighthouse on Valcour Island is getting a major facelift.

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Healing Therapy Jack LaDuke shows us how Snowslip Farm in the Adirondacks is using horse therapy to help veterans and first responders.

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Clips from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Interview With Charlie Rose New York Governor Andrew Cuomo talks to Charlie Rose about his sometimes confrontational personal style—and why it’s all just part of the job.

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HOW WE GOT TO NOW WITH STEVEN JOHNSON | "Glass" Preview Uncover a link between art, science, astronomy, disease prevention and global communication: glass. Wednesday, October 22, at 10pm

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MASTERPIECE | The Paradise, Season 2: A Scene from Episode 4 See an exclusive scene from The Paradise, Season 2, Episode 4, airing Sunday, October 19, 2014, at a special time -- 8pm.

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MASTERPIECE | Inspector Lewis, Season 7: A Scene from Beyond Good and Evil See a scene from Inspector Lewis: Beyond Good and Evil, starring Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox, premiering Sunday, October 19, 2014, 9pm.

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LISTEN: Perpetually Seeking Salamanders We all have our passions and compulsions. One of mine is hunting for salamanders. When I catch them, I let them go. The fun isn't in the possessing, it's in the chase. Will you join me?

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Adirondack Outdoor Recreation Conditions Report - October 17, 2014 John Warren of the Adirondack Almanack checks in each Friday morning with a look at outdoor recreation conditions around the Adirondacks for the weekend.

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What Does The Moose Say? | CURIOUSLY ADIRONDACK There are spelling bees. There are trivia contests. There are athletic games and lumberjack competitions. But have you ever seen and heard a moose-calling contest?

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Mountain Lake Journal Preview - October 17, 2014 See what's happening this week on Mountain Lake Journal. Friday at 8pm.

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Summer on Whiteface | ROADSIDE ADVENTURES The legendary winter sports mountains is also one of the most interesting summer destinations.

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Mountain Lake Journal - October 10, 2014 Grand Jury Secrecy, NY Gubernatorial Debate, Mother’s Crusade, Honor Flight, Out of the Darkness Walk, Champ-o-saurus, Railroads on Parade, Jake the Day Care Turkey, On Home Ground

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RIMPLE BAL | The Melting Pot of SUNY Plattsburgh Two weeks ago I met a vibrant young lady, full life and positive energy. I was intrigued by her demeanor. At a young age she exhibited strength and warmth all at the same time. Meet the Rimple Bal, born in Queens, NY to Indian parents.

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Third and Final Broadcast Debate of Candidates for NY-21 Tuesday, October 21 in Watertown The three candidates for the north country's seat in Congress will meet for their third and final broadcast debate at 7 PM Tuesday, October 21, in Watertown.

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Cover Story: Grand Jury Secrecy Grand Jury Secrecy: The district attorney in Essex County explains why her office has released so little information about a Grand Jury’s review of a deadly police shooting in North Hudson, New York in March of 2013.

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On Home Ground Roundtable We talk with Tomeka Weatherspoon, the producer of a new documentary airing next month on Mountain Lake PBS that follows the lives of veterans who have returned home from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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LISTEN: Poignant End of Summer First one at a time, then later by the truckload, leaves turn color. At first they signal the coming end of summer, then the arrival of fall, then turn our forests into one vast Jackson Pollack painting.

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FINDING YOUR ROOTS | Roots of Freedom Ben Affleck learns of his 3rd Great-Grandfather, Almond French, an occult enthusiast who harnessed his spookily mystic inclinations to help him comfort the bereaved. Tune in Tuesday, October 14 at 8:00 pm.

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FRONTLINE | The Trouble with Antibiotics FRONTLINE investigates the widespread use of antibiotics in food animals and whether it is fueling the growing crisis of antibiotic resistance in people. Tune in Tuesday October 14, at 9:00 pm.

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Lake Defenders Screening in Glens Falls a hit! Approximately 70 people attended a screening of Lake Defenders at the Wood Theater in Glens Falls, and close to 200 people signed the petition requesting that Mountain Lake PBS be added to the Time Warner lineup in Warren and Washington County.

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Hand Made Carousels | ROADSIDE ADVENTURES A ride on two hand crafted carousels. One tells the history of NY State and the other celebrates the diversity of wildlife in the Adirondacks.

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SexeMania the play at Space 4001 From the 7th to the 26th of October , the studio Space 4001 ( 4001 Berri ) will present the shocking French play SexeMania ,a delicious dialogue and personal encounter between a prostitute and a lonesome man in his apartment.

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Mountain Lake Journal - October 3, 2014 Mother Blames Son’s Death on GM Defect, New Poll, Honor Flight, Railroads on Parade.

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Out of the Darkness Suicide Walk [Extended Roundtable] Hundreds of volunteers will help raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention this weekend at the Out of the Darkness Walk in Lake Placid.

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Honor Flight Hundreds turn out for a community send-off to salute 16 veterans who were escorted by North Country Honor Flight to visit the nation’s memorials in Washington, D.C. dedicated in their honor.

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Mother Blames Son’s Death on GM Defect Was the crash that killed a young driver from Ticonderoga two years ago caused by one of the faulty ignition switches that GM is accused of covering up for years? The death toll linked to the defective ignition switches has risen to 23 this week.

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Mountain Lake Journal Business Edition - October 3, 2014 Tech Center, Export-Import Bank Battle, Manufacturer Expands, Pineline Wins Federal Approval, Old Stone Barracks, Dandee of an Ice Cream Stand, Business Roundtable.

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Extended Business Roundtable - 10/3/14 Colin Read and Jay Bryan discuss the battle over the Export-Import Bank, encouraging news for Bombardier’s Aerospace division, The impact being felt from the Recession, and the plans to build the area’s first advanced tech center at Clinton Community

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LISTEN: The Thrill of Being There While I watch nature videos with pleasure, especially if they're narrated by David Attenborough, and while I enjoy a stroll through a zoo now and again, it's always been clear to me that there's nothing more satisfying and fun

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Sally Smith: The Fairy Queen | ROADSIDE ADVENTURES A visit to a remarkably talented environmental artist who uses nature as her canvas.

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Feeding the World in the 21st Century A lecture on the future of food by Dr. John Bramley in May 2014 at the Miner Institute.

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Le Pain et le Vin, Bread and Wine running at Espace Libre The French play Bread and Wine, running from the 23rd of Septembre to the 11th of October at Espace Libre combines excessive theatrical musical & dance numbers intertwined with sociopolitical issues to trace the evolution of our eating habits

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Adirondack Exercise Club | CURIOUSLY ADIRONDACK Hardy Adirondack Mountain folk chant 1-2-3-4 as we prepare to stay warm during cold, snowy winters that can last half the year or more. It's all about firewood: felling it, sawing it to length, hauling it out of the woods, splitting it

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Mountain Lake Journal - September 27, 2014 Cold Case, Field of Candidates Narrows, Starting Early, Homeless Shelter, Climate Change Study, Massive March, State of the Park, Historic Landmark Sold

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Leonce et Lena by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens A disenchanted Prince, a Princess on the run... Christian Spuck’s fifth full-length ballet Leonce and Lena is an entertaining piece inspired by the comic satirical political play written by German author Georg Büchner.

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Adirondack Council's Willie Janeway on Challenges in Adirondack Park - Extended Roundtable We talk with Willie Janeway, Executive Director of the Adirondack Council, about the changing climate and other challenges facing the Adirondack Park.

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MASTERPIECE CLASSIC| The Paradise | Season 2 Premiere In The Paradise season one's thrilling climax, John Moray, proprietor of The Paradise, gave up his wealthy bride-to-be at the altar. Season 2, tells what happens next! Tune in Sunday, September 28 at 8:00 pm.

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MAKERS | Women in Comedy Six new documentaries in the MAKERS project feature groundbreaking American women in different spheres of influence: war, comedy, space, business, Hollywood and politics. Tune in Tuesday, September 30 at 9:00 pm

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LISTEN: Iron Eaters Near And Far Weird living things you may never have heard of live deep in the oceans and in hot pools at Yellowstone. They live in your intestines and toilet tank, too. You gotta love them, for without them, we'd be nowhere.

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AMERICA AFTER FERGUSON / SPECIAL TOWN HALL MEETING TONIGHT AT 8PM This meeting, moderated by PBS NEWSHOUR co-anchor Gwen Ifill, will explore the many issues brought into public discourse in the wake of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Winter at The Wild Center | Roadside Adventures A popular tourist destination in the summer proves to be just as fascinating and interactive on a mid-winter visit.

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Mountain Lake PBS to host Holiday Gala in Lake Placid Mountain Lake PBS is pleased to announce a Holiday Gala Inspired by Downton Abbey on December 13th, 2014. Join Mountain Lake PBS in Celebration as the Premiere of Season 5 of the Acclaimed Series Approaches.

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New Documentary "ON HOME GROUND" Looks Online to Raise Funds Independently Our new documentary takes an intimate look into the lives of three veterans who returned home to the Adirondacks after deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and asks the question, after all the sacrifice, when does home finally feel like home again?

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ON HOME GROUND Kickstarter Launches Our new documentary takes an intimate look into the lives of three veterans who returned home to the Adirondacks after deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, and asks the question, after all the sacrifice, when does home finally feel like home again?

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Mountain Lake Journal - September 20, 2014 Tech Center, Trooper Cleared, Poll Results, Absentee Ballots Decide Winner, Astorino Meets With Business Leaders, Reliving History, Lasting Tribute, TR Visits Plattsburgh, One Dandee of an Ice Cream Stand, Heavenly View

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Peter and Alice, exploring the dual agony and ecstasy of inherited fame Peter and Alice is a lively and intelligent play written by American writer John Logan that exposes and recreates the dual agony and ecstasy of inherited fame. Currently running from September 10th to the18th of October at DUCEPPE Hall

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Documentarian Ken Burns Discusses The Roosevelt's With WNET One of America’s most famous politicians comes to life this week here in the North Country, and on PBS. Watch the WNET Interview with Filmmaker Ken Burns on his latest documentary The Roosevelt's.

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NCPR's Brian Mann on The NY 21 Congressional Race - Extended Roundtable The first major poll on the NY 21 Congressional race in Northern New York shows voters are unhappy with their leaders in Washington and the direction the country is heading.

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