UPDATE: Mountain Lake PBS Off the Air Due to Transformer Fire

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Trasnmitter problems

I live in Montreal and get both Mountain Lake and WPTZ with my antenna. WPTZ has seldom, if ever, interrupted its programming because of the weather (as far as I know). Have you considered putting your transmitter on their tower? Here in Montreal, most of the TV stations have installed their equipment on a common tower located on top of Mount-Royal. They never interrupt their service because of a storm. Something to think about?

Francois Comeau more than 2 years ago


You don't go to Grainger or Graybar to get these transformers. The transformers they need must be have in input winding(Primary) designed for the voltage and current going into it and an output (Secondary)winding designed to handle the voltage and amperage on the output. Not all power transformers are the same. Depending on where you are, utilities use several primary voltages.

Craig more than 2 years ago

How hard can it be to find a transformer?

Geez Louise, how hard can it be to find a transformer? I see the pole transformers sitting around in power company lots, on the back of their trucks and in suppliers lots all the time. Or how about Grainger,, Graybar or Twin State Electric?

Jim more than 2 years ago

WCFE finally back in Quebec city

Videotron gave us back the WCFE signal today in Quebec city. Since, contrary to most of the Videotron network, we do not have Vermont Public Television here in Quebec city, we really left without PBS.
BUT, you really should take measures to make the station not so vulnerable to weather related events; I am 59 years old and I do not remember any other television station ever being off the air for such a long period because of weather, not even during the freezing rain storm of 1998...

Jean-Francois Racine more than 2 years ago

Videotron's curious solution, for now

Today Videotron Montreal put the Vermont PBS station WETK in the Mountain Lake slot. Since I already have that station in my package, it's kind of useless. I remember when I ordered my lineup, they thought I was weird for wanting both. I enjoy the slightly different choices.
Wasn't aware that MHz has such great programming, will have to look into that.
Good luck, Mountain Lake, with getting back up & running!

Rosie more than 2 years ago

PBS signal

I hope all will be ok soon.
Here in Shefford Québec, I watch 57.1, 57.2 and 57.3 everyday, with my little antenna.
I watch news from everywhre; its gives me the chance to see how they give the news elsewhere in the world. I like to watch on MHZ worldview «International mysteries» when I come from job at midnight.
Hope I can watch your stations soon.
Thank you.

André Bilodeau more than 2 years ago

Daily Updates would help!

Just a suggestion. I know that you have your hands full, but a daily update about the outage would be helpful. It would help in planning.

Videotron provides a close by PBS station, but at least Bell has alternatives for PBS coverage in case of emergency.

Warren Marshall more than 2 years ago

Missed Masterpiece Mystery last night

My DVR was set to record Masterpiece Mystery on Mountain Lake last night so I missed it. Checked here today and see that you've got a lot more to worry about than a missed show! Good luck getting back online. We miss you!

Aria Joon more than 2 years ago

Not the same without PBS

We have been missing kids show for a while now...no other channels on regular cable in Quebec City are offering high quality children's program during day hours. I have to run DVDs also what a shame that we can't watch episodes online in Canada. Hope the situation will be fixed soon (so is my son)

Audrey more than 2 years ago

We miss you!

On Videotron in Montreal here, which I chose over Bell because they don't offer both local PBS stations available here, plus I don't like the big corporation. Besides which Mountain Lake comes over in HD as well! Love Bill Moyers in HD on Sunday, as well as documentaries. I also like to have more choices of the Brit shows. Good luck Mountain Lake in getting up & running soon. Perhaps there's not a direct line to climate change in this instance, but storms in greater quantity and severity are taking their toll.

Rosie more than 2 years ago

Missing MountainLake

So sorry that you all are having this complicated development due to the lightening strike (more effects of global warming?) I just love MHz and really miss the detective shows and the News from Japan and also all the other programming. Best of luck in getting the transformer replaced! Sounds as if it is a major engineering project! Sally

Sally Kerschner more than 2 years ago

Missing Mountain Lake PBS in Montreal

I was about to switch cable providers from Videotron because of the lack of PBS when I decided to check this website. Glad I did. I'll stick around until Videotron is up and running instead of changing to Bell as I had planned. Can't get along too long without the News Hour and Charlie Rose. I found out how much I miss PBS because of this lightning strike. Please keep us informed.

Warren Marshall more than 2 years ago


Yikes! We are in total withdrawal! MHz is incredible-we can't wait for it's return!

Marc&Carolyn Wilson more than 2 years ago

No Mountain Lake in Burlington, VT

Really miss MHz and the its international programming. TV without it isn't worth watching. From Burlington, Vermont

Emilie Mattesich more than 2 years ago

mountain lake tv

it seems just last year the same thing happened, right around june reception was out and the same thing happened this year, what a useless station, do everybody a favor, stay off the air, take the pledge money and bury yourselves.

mikemagee more than 2 years ago

Preventative maintenaince

While Preventative maintenance goes a long way, a signal tower destroyed by fire is a rare thing. If you don't like PBS go elsewhere but your comments are uncalled for @MikeMagee

Mac more than 2 years ago

Mountain Lake PBS Off the Air Due to Transformer Fire

agree,magee-uncalled for. Flatlanders who are exposed to "flagship" PBS stations tell me what a fantastic station Mountain Lakes is. I'm proud to be a supporter, can't wait til it's up & running on DISH

Robert Wood more than 2 years ago

Preventive care goes a long way

Recently I watched a news report of a tower in Russia catch fire, signal was restores in a few hours. There are firms that provide protection against lightning www.lightningprotection.com, why has preventative action not been taken?

Martha James more than 2 years ago

lightening rod

Can't they put a lightening rod near the tower to protect it?
I watch OTA in Montreal and I love PBS.

Rebecca more than 2 years ago

Missing Mountain Lake's signal

As Joni Mitchell sang, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone."

I have never had cable and never will, so the absence of Mountain Lake PBS is reminding me just how lacking in depth and substance most commercial programming is. Boosting that kind of awareness may prove to be the silver lining of this dark cloud. Good luck with the repairs!

Jon more than 3 years ago


This seems to happen quite often. I wonder what the problem is ?

Janice D Stearns more than 3 years ago


Lightning is a strange phenomena. Years ago worked at Vermont public TV and had strikes on the Ascutney, site even during a snow storm. However, in my tenure, no actual damages were done.

Jay more than 3 years ago

tower fire

Didn't this happen last summer. I hope they lean how to protect the equipment

tom swinehart more than 3 years ago