What's Your Question for the 115th New York State Assembly Candidates?



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Why should you be re-elected since you chose to retire on December 31, 2010?

Clyde Rabideau Sr more than 3 years ago

medical marijuana

With the American Nurses Association endorsement of marijuana as a medicine, how long are folks in the state house going to ignore a natural medicine that can be readily grown. cost next to nothing( compar5ed to big pharma price tag). Minimal side effects( less than tylenol), impossible to overdose on it, and 54% of new yorkers believe we are wasting money on a war that can not be won.

timothy atkins more than 3 years ago

Salt Water Contamination

This question is for Janet - Why have you not responded to several requests to meet with the residents of Chazy Lake, in Ellenburg Depot regarding the Salt Contamination of 21 + homes? You were even asked to attend a homeowners meeting by a Town of Dannemora Council Person and refused to come. And, why did your office refuse a FOIA request for information in regards to the contamination? Why should we vote for you when you refuse to help residents in your own district? Karen Bisso has met with the residents and infact has offered to help, so why should we not vote for her? Senator Betty Little & as of 10/9/12 Congressman Bill Owens has met with them so why can't you help them?

Cheryle Saltmarsh more than 3 years ago

Saranac lake: 3towns, 2 county's, 1village

How can the Saranac lake Community find a way to resolve the cost and inefficiency of a village that exists in 3 towns, 2 counties. Is it not possible to resolve this in NYS law? Can NYS offer sources of expertise to help resolve this issue?

Betsy minehan more than 3 years ago


My question to you all is : " How can we get through all of this red tape when it comes to our economic growth here in the Northcountry?" We seem to have ideas that get tied up in court battles with enviromental groups and others all the time and it squashes good ideas because of the long, costly court battles. What IS being done to fix this for us in the most economically choked part of the state? Thank you,

Shawn Boyer

Shawn Boyer more than 3 years ago

Question for Janet Duprey

This question is for Janet-

Why do you call yourself a Republican when you are clearly running on very liberal ideals? Why should we give you another term?

Christina more than 3 years ago

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